Annual Program

Our annual program gives information about our classes. For the learning and deepening of the forms or the form sections - short form and long form each have 3 parts – upbuilding courses (seminars and weekends) are listed. Also seminars and weekends for learning and deepening the T'ai Chi-sword, as well as, the partner exercises (Push Hands) are contained there.

Our courses enable beginners as well as advanced students to broaden and deepen their knowledge at their own decision. It is up to you to decide how far you would like to enter T'ai Chi Ch'uan. Learning and practicing of the first part of the short form, already has many positive effects on physical and mental health.

Here you can download:
- Information required for registration
- The annual program 2024 as a PDF file
- Registration for seminars in Bettenburg / Bernried
- Registration for seminars in Munich
(all files in German language)

Calligraphy: Lai Fung, 1984
The Path of T'ai Chi Ch'uan